Biomechanical Assessment

Pains that occur in your feet, legs or even your back can be due to the alignment / position of your body when you are walking, standing or making a specific or repetitive movement. These joint positions directly affect how your feet and legs move as you stand, walk or run. If the alignment of your feet legs and back is not quite right, extra stresses and strains can be placed on the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments in the whole of your body. This can either cause immediate pain or a build-up of pain over a period of time. 

A biomechanical assessment looks at your postural alignment from head to toe and in the podiatrist’s case concentrates on the leg from the hip down to the foot. 

These assessments can help diagnose why you are getting the pain and how to treat and or prevent the pain from reoccurring. You may just need some simple stretching exercises; however it may be appropriate to advise insoles or orthotics to go into your shoes to improve the foot and leg alignment which then helps prevent injury.

If this is appropriate for you, we will recommend the most suitable treatment for you.

To help prevent foot problems we recommend you attend at the very least for an annual routine foot health check.

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