Diabetic Patients

  • Type 1 Insulin dependent Diabetic

  • Type 2 Diet or Tablet Controlled Diabetic

You must always attend your NHS appointments with all your diabetic team. This will include your diabetic nurse appointments, attending your annual diabetic check and eye health checks.

By respecting, treating and maintaining your diabetic sugar at a safe level you will be preventing so many problems to your health in the future.

Information can be found at www.diabetes.org.uk

Podiatry is provided on the NHS for diabetics with more serious foot health conditions, however our podiatrists at FootCare Clinic Ltd can provide:

  • Diabetic Foot Health Assessments
  • Neurological and Vascular Assessments
  • Management Plan for your Foot Care and Footwear
  • Referral to the correct diabetic team should the need arise

Diabetic patients should be careful about who cuts their toe nails and maintains their general foot health. Having regular chiropody/podiatry treatments with a fully qualified HCPC registered podiatrist will ensure foot health is maintained to the highest standard. 

At FootCare Clinic Ltd we pride ourselves with providing the highest clinical standard of practice and cleanliness as our podiatrists fully understand the potential risks involved with your treatment.

To help prevent foot problems we recommend you attend at the very least for an annual routine foot health check.

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