Ingrown Toe Nail Treatments / Surgery

Ingrown Toe Nail Treatments

Some people feel a little worried or anxious about what a treatment will involve. It is our practice ethic to ensure our podiatrists listen to any fears you may have and we will do everything we can to help to alleviate your concerns and put you at ease all the way through your treatment. 

Most patients come to FootCare Clinic Ltd with a very curved and uncomfortable toe nail that with our expert and very careful treatment can be trimmed without any distress to the patient. 

However, sometimes a patient will have a very inflamed ingrown toe nail that will require the toe to be numbed before treatment can proceed. This will be discussed with you at the beginning of your treatment when your medical history and treatment plan is discussed. 

Ingrown Toe Nail Surgery

Occasionally an ingrown toe nail will need to be surgically removed. This procedure is reserved for very acute cases. Surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic by a fully qualified registered podiatrist. Most commonly, only a small strip of nail is removed leaving a good portion of healthy nail remaining.  Very rarely total nail removal is required. This will be discussed in your treatment plan. Phenol, a chemical, is used to prevent the removed piece of nail from growing back.

Regular after care appointments are carried out ensuring you have peace of mind throughout the entire healing process.

To help prevent foot problems we recommend you attend at the very least for an annual routine foot health check.

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