Routine Chiropody / Podiatry Treatments

This includes:

  • Toenail cutting and filing 
  • Management of thickened or very curved (involuted) nails
  • Ingrown toe nails that are not inflamed
  • Removal of hard or dry / split skin
  • Removal of corns

During this treatment you will be given advice on any foot conditions that you may have or have any questions about. For example:

  • fungal nail conditions
  • thickened or ingrown toe nails
  • bunions or hammer toes
  • skin conditions such as athletes foot, eczema or psoriasis 
  • preventing hard skin build up
  • preventing corns from returning
  • foot care advice
  • footwear advice

The treatment finishes with skin smoothing and a short complementary foot massage.

To help prevent foot problems we recommend you attend at the very least for an annual routine foot health check.

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